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Ship management

Total Solutions

It covers all services to keep the vessel running, which is consists of crew management and technical management.

At Koban, we provide full technical ship management for the most types of the vessels including Tankers, Container Vessels, LPG Carriers, and Bulk Carriers. The main operations include:
o PMS, Dry docking , Repairs and maintenance
o Ship vetting
o Vessel certificates
o Post-fixture services
o Voyage monitoring
o Security arrangements
o Insurance arrangements
o Claims handling

Ship chartering

Best Chartering Services for ship owners

It provides chartering services for ship owners to market the vessel to potential charterers for vessel employment.

At Koban, our effective networks assist us to promptly propose the best fitted vessel for a cargo when it is needed. We offer the following list of services to give full measure for chartering.
o Contract of Afreightment
o Period Chartering
o Pool employment
o Voyage planning, execution and monitoring
o Agency appointment, disbursement handling
o Bunkering
o Speed and performance monitoring
o Lay time calculations
o Assistance in claims handling
o Voyage results reporting and analysis
o Freight and hire invoicing

Crew management

recruitment globally

It covers crew recruitment globally, taking care of crew from home town up to the board, provision, different training courses, entertainment, and etc.

At Koban, we provide crew management services to help our clients be more efficient and effective in their operations. We have relevant resources, systems, and experiences to devise solutions comply with the highest standards. Broadly speaking, our crew management services include recruitment, management, training and development, payroll, and travel logistics.