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About us

Our Story

Group of skillful shipping experts

Koban Shipping LLC is an integrated Ship Management company providing maritime solutions to the ship owners. Having been established by maritime professionals 10 years back, we build on our legacy by being responsible, trustworthy and transparent. These are the cornerstones which guide the operations of Koban Shipping LLC and is enabling us to grow.

Experience and professionalism have given us the confidence to understand and perform to the highest standards of the ship management thus creating a long time bond with the ship owners.

At Koban Shipping LLC, we pay more attention to preventive maintenance and crew recruitment. We believe these are the two most critical investments which lead to optimal operation of vessels with least downtime thus not creating a dent in the profitability of the owners.

Understanding the financial constraints of the Ship owners

Offering More Services

Further, understanding the financial constraints of the Ship owners and giving due cognizance to the commercial obligations of all the parties involved in transportation of goods our company ensures that owners can deliver a safe and reliable transport facility to their charterers and other related clients.

Being consistent with this strategy, the Koban Shipping LLC is capable to offer three more key services for shipping, consisting ship brokerage, and ports agency. These services enable the company to optimally handle ships arrival/departure and all cargo-related matters such as loading and unloading at the ports.

Our previous experience and professionalism allows us to understand the needs of our clients and to operate to the highest standards in this industry. Here at Koban, our thorough knowledge of industry safety standards and transparency policy along with the ability to supply spare parts, ship stores and sourcing experience personnel to crew the vessels, ensures we provide a complete solution package and protect the best interests of our clients.

Careful selection of the technical team

Result to zero downtime

Careful selection of the technical team will guarantee safe and proper ship operations with zero downtime. We are able to accomplish this through precise planning for each ship in accordance with the maintenance conditions stipulated by the manufacturer and adopted in the PMS software system. To further improve the accuracy of our planning process, we also use extra data as ship life and the industry standards applicable to maintain and repair systems.

Koban Shipping LLC also offers two more key services, consisting of ship brokerage and ports agency. This allows us to further streamline the operation regarding the ship’s arrival and departure as well as all cargo-related matters such as loading and unloading at the ports. We are confident that our expertise and knowledge of the commercial and regulatory practice aspects of the industry ensures a quality service and provides peace of mind for our customers.

Who we are?

Group of skillful shipping experts

We have gathered a group of skillful shipping experts who have served in the maritime industry for many years. Our team are deeply familiar with the industry's best practices. We offer innovative and novel solutions to our customers.

Master mariners and experienced chief engineers with varied fleet experience are at the helm of the Koban Shipping LLC. The Synergy of these experiences has revolutionized new solutions and created value for the development of:

• Ship Management
• Ship Brokerage
• Port Agency
• Crew Management

What we do ?

Ship management and Operation

Koban’s leaders have worked on the seas for a long time and have successful records of experience for ship management and operation. We assure the ship owners ship management services with the least idle time and the minimum cost for the operation and maintenance, which promises to maximize profits for ship owners.

We also provide technically-trained crew, fully-equipped ships for "ship charter" service at competitive prices to companies that facilitates sea transportation.

It has complemented the value chain of seafront services by providing port agency and other services, reduces remarkably concerns of the exporters regarding the security of their cargo.


Acting in a responsible manner to the industry we serve and the World at large thus adhering to our Corporate Social Responsibility

Achieving Transparency and Reliability through adaptive technology thus providing Reliability to our customers

To utilize our expertise built on experience, knowledge, optimal resources and through lateral integration to provide cost effective solutions to our customers so that they can be ahead of their performance benchmarks.


We, at Koban Shipping LLC are committed to be the leading provider of Maritime solutions to a wide gamut of Ship Owners by adhering to our legacy of trust, transparency, Reliability.

Core Values

All of our colleagues at the Koban strongly believe in the values of the organization. We firmly believe that adhering to respecting these values has brought us credibility and reputation. Maintaining and adhering to business ethics
• Transparency
• Customer satisfaction.
• Adapting technology for optimal ship management.
• Respecting human resources and values and nurturing their well-being and that of their families , both ashore and on board our vessels