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Safety, Reliability, Efficiency & Discipline

Are values practiced for all goals

With a strong pool of more than 1000 plus well trained and qualified officers and ratings for all types of ships, Koban has the ability to provide well-experienced and dedicated crew within short notice to any ship owner. koban works on a very stringent recruitment and selection method where technology and personal interaction form the criteria for selection. This leads to accuracy in selecting the right candidate. Seafarers within the pool are imparted with value added training in line with ship owner requirements and vessel specific needs. Development of seafarers to take on higher responsibilities is a continuous process at koban.

Full Assessment

Prior Joining

All seafarers recruited are well assessed for knowledge of various rules and regulations in force. Prior joining, they are subjected to a thorough briefing program which highlights the vessels specifications and needs and also requirements based on the trading pattern of the ships.

Seafarer documentation, interview results, personal details, forward planning, assignment details and appraisals are all maintained in our customized in-house dedicated software. This results in ensuring crew related details and documents are available instantly online. With well trained and qualified shore staff at the Koban offices, every demand related to crew management activities are carried out with utmost dedication to ensure unconditional support at all levels.

To be a maritime leader

In crew management

With the aspiring aim to be a maritime leader in crew management, globally, our forte has always been to maintain high standards of business ethics, conscience to the fact that the partnerships we form have value and are long lasting. Safety, Reliability, Efficiency & Discipline in all our thought processes are values practiced for all goals that Koban sets out to accomplish.

At koban, technology is used to the fullest to ensure accuracy. With Pre-employment assessments , one on one interaction prior selection and vessel specific training being imparted, Koban ensures the right person is chosen for the right job.

Continuous job opportunists

Training and nurturing

Training and nurturing our seafarers, continuous job opportunists and welfare support, assures seafarers of their welfare and job security.

There are four words that sum up everything we do: Safety, Reliability, Efficiency & Discipline . Want to do work that does good? Apply to join our team!

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